The Soul Rev Membership

In the Aligned Soul Revolution, we listen to the rhythym of our soul. When you trust and act on your inner guidance and get in the flow of the Universe, choices become easier, work becomes joyful, and you truly live the life your soul came here to live. How sweet is that, right? 💙

A growing community focused on stepping into our soul potential, The Rev (as we call it) is a space for support, learning, guidance, and much more as you begin to hear, see, and feel into the rhythm of YOUR soul.

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Aligned Soul Business Vault

Clear, Confident. Aligned. 
This is what a successful, SOULFUL business feels like.

Whether you need a little support (Aligned Business Strategy Session) or something to really get you moving (Soul Business Accelerator), we're here to bring you and your business into alignment with your soul. As Divine Channels of Wisdom, we offer guidance from your Soul Team and help you translate it into action so you can see and feel the difference quickly.

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Aligned Purpose

Join us as we explore three steps to living in alignment with your purpose - Awaken, Activate, and Align

BEWARE! This is not 'Your Mamma's Purpose Course' and we're not ones to only dance on the surface of such a sacred topic! Everything we discuss in here was channeled from the Divine Sources we work with every day. It was they who led us to create a deeper work and we hope it serves you in a profound way. Ready to dig in?


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