What message would your Soul Team like to share with you?

The Energy of Your Purpose is calling, and maybe you have questions...
How do you work with your purpose?
Where do you take it from here?
What do you do now?
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If you're ready to hear from your team of Divine Guides and Teachers
- Your Soul Team - 
‚ÄčLisa and Mel are ready to bring their wisdom through just for you! 

"What is so unique about working with Lisa and Mel is that they have a wealth of real-life experience AND they actively brought through messages from my team of soul-guides! The session I had with them blew my mind and gave me so much useful information!"  Sheri S.

You're Ready for the Next Step!

You'll walk away knowing the magic and energy of your unique purpose, messages from your Soul Team, and a strategy for aligning with your purpose during this very special Zoom session with Lisa, Mel, Your Soul Team and YOU!
During this 45-minute session, we'll talk about your results from Awaken, Activate, & Align, answer your questions, and bring through channeled guidance from your personal team of Divine Guides and Teachers (and any other Divine Beings that show up!).

Together we'll formulate an actionable strategy that includes the big picture of who you are, how you fit into that vision, and next steps to fully align with that in the world.

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